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The shows season premiere brought in 1.58 million viewers, which was higher than the season 1 premiere.The photo shows 16 black female cadets dressed in their West Point uniforms raising their fists in a black power salute on the steps of their barracks.The black power salute was popularized by the now-defunct Black Panthers civil rights group. An intelligent sassy ambitious beautiful bombshell with big shadowy eyes that could outfox da biggest thug in town and melt him into a puddle of goo. Did you just hear that girl critique just war theory in the framework of post-colonial imperialism from the angle of ethical realism in terms of political Islam? A curvalicious disarming lady every man wants to have but can't touch. Just like Drake sings it: she make you beg for it till she give it up and she "da best you ever had." She so smart she could find Osama bin Laden. Lip wants to continue seeing Karen, who is now attending Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings and in a sex-free relationship with a fellow group member; however, he is also preoccupied with summer courses, running a fighting ring, and selling pot and alcohol out of an ice cream truck with Kev.